Yes, Bob, they know it’s Christmas

If Bob really wanted to help (those in West Africa suffering from Ebola), why didn’t he ask his friends, the millionaires who are singing, to donate a little cashola to be a part of the song, instead of letting them donate their “time.”


All I want for Christmas is a horror movie death

Every year my sons and dear husband ask me what I want for Christmas. And every year, my answer is the same in my best June Cleaver voice… “Oh, honey, you don’t have to get me anything. I already have everything I want. I have you all.” Of course, in reality, we all know that…

I’m ready for Christmas

It’s been a rough week. My hip hurts. And even though the doctors say it’s arthritis, I’m way too young to hear that come out of any professional’s mouth. One of my cats died Sunday morning. But he was 417 years old, so it was time. My house is not the kind of clean I…