Month: April 2015

Garden hose

It’s time to get the garden in, so naturally I made a beeline for my underwear drawer. It’s the same every year. Well, okay, not every year. There were those three or four years when the kids were younger and we lived on the…

Why the Easter Bunny still visits our house

Even though my sons are 16 and 15, the Easter bunny still visits my house. Granted, the baskets aren’t as elaborate as they once were, but they are still full of chocolate bunnies, jellybeans and the occasional Peep. This year, there was none of the plastic…

Veggie Time

I’m sorry, I have to say it. I really dislike some vegetarians. I don’t dislike the fact that they are vegetarians – heck, I think everyone has the right to decide what they want to eat. And honestly, if someone would rather eat spinach,…

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