Month: February 2014

Culture shift

So, when you move to the Upstate of South Carolina, one of the first things you learn is that the Confederacy was born and died right next door in Abbeville County. Jefferson Davis signed the Articles of the Confederacy during a meeting at the…

How to Piss Off Your Kids 21st Century Style

Remember when you were a kid and your Mom would ask about your “little friends”? It never failed to make my blood boil when she said that. What the hell, did she want to tick me off with that? Now that I’m a parent,…

The Kitchen God’s Whine

The Kitchen God’s Whine Exactly what do I have to sacrifice to the kitchen gods in order to get a good can opener? I’ve already sacrificed the skin on my right arm to the oven gods for good cookies, and the skin on the…

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