Month: January 2015

23 things only a child of the 70s will know

I was talking to a friend the other day about Star Wars. All he knew was the remake. For him, Greedo shot first and Han was just defending himself. WRONG!!!! That’s not the way it ORIGINALLY went down. The conversation reminded me that cultural differences…

8 life hacks every teen MUST know

Everyone knows that there are secret life hacks that can make their lives easier. As parents, we know all the little tips and tricks learned over years of housework. There are just some things that make life all the much more livable. But, spend…

Tasting memories

Since Friday, I’ve been thinking about the premiere of Downton Abbey. As Masterpiece Theater classic television goes, it is the best of high period drama. It is also one of my guilty indulgences. When I watch it, I sometimes think of what it would…

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