Why I’ll NEVER Watch Walking Dead Again



I’m done.

I will never watch The Walking Dead again. After last night, I’m done with it. Really.woman-looking-away-strikingAnd spare me your sanctimonious uber fan status with “It’s just like in the comic book.” I didn’t read the comic book. I don’t care what happens in the comic book.

I’m just not interested in seeing what happens after last night’s season premiere.

No,… I take that back. I’m not just “not interested.”

I’m unsubscribed to my weekly AMC Walking Dead email. I’ve unfollowed them all on Twitter. I’ve deleted the apps and pages on my Facebook page. I don’t want to have anything to do with it anymore.

And I know I’m not alone.

I’m not just “not a fan” anymore.

I’m repulsed.

I know, I know – we’ve all seen violence and gore on the show before. I can hear some of you now… “God, it’s just fake. It’s entertainment.” Or “What kind of a wimp are you if you can’t take this? Maybe you should go, because it gets much worse.” Or “Jeez, you hyper-sensitive liberals, what’s next? Zombie rights?”


By the way, spoiler alert

It’s not about Glenn. It’s not about Abraham. It’s not about Negan.

It’s that I’m not a fan of all of us somehow deciding that sadism and snuff films are now quality entertainment.

Here’s the thing – this isn’t a comic book. It’s a television show. It’s real and it’s moving and it’s graphic. It’s happening right there in your living room. It’s viewed and taken internally in a different way than a comic book. It becomes a part of your home.

I don’t want that in my home.

We’ve watched for six seasons as the violence on TWD got increasingly more intense. The gore got gorier. The deaths became more shocking. The attacks got bigger and bigger.

So… of course, they had to amp it up this year, right? It’s all justifiable in the name of “good TV”, right?

Not in my mind. It used to be about the zombies. It used to be about the human condition and the will to survive. It used to be about wrong vs. right.

Now… not so much. What I saw lat night, was a film maker daring me to continue watching.

As I’ve said to film makers who make films like “Saw” and “Hostel” who seem to get gorier and nastier and more sick with each film, all of the following ones getting worse than the first, each daring us to not get sick, to not look away, to not be disturbed by the content, I will now say to Nicotero and company…. “Okay. I won’t watch anymore. You win. Happy?”

The ever up-ticking episodic violence has reached a level where it’s not just disgusting, it’s disturbing. What’s next? A slow painful disembowelment? Death by gang rape? Draw and quartering someone? Will that be shocking and awe-inspiring enough for viewers? Where will it end?

I guess the idea that these were not zombies that got hacked to pieces, but people we’ve come to love, is what made my stomach churn. I’m no big Glenn fan and I’m certainly no Abraham fan. Heck, if they’d done the same thing to Michonne and Eugene, I would have said the same thing. It was just too much.

And the story lines used to be about how the group helped each other, not how one man bent another to his will in the most sick and sadistic ways possible. Since when does sick and twisted have a place to sit around our living room table.

I’ve long had a problem with television news showing the last moments of someone’s life. Whether it’s a train wreck, a police shooting, a video-taped terrorist attack, or people falling from the World Trade Center towers – I’ve taken issue with using someone’s death to hedge up ratings as they continue to do on the nightly news. It’s a snuff film. Only, it’s news, so it’s legal.

And this was no different. We watched Glenn die. When I looked at him and saw the divot in his head and his eye bulging out while he tried to speak, I decided I was done. It’s not heart-breaking or gut-wrenching… it’s a moment-by-moment play of a man dying in the most brutal way imaginable for “entertainment.”

You realize that is what they say about snuff films too, right?

Entertainment for me was when I watched in the beginning and there was spirit and the drive to survive and create a new place to call home. Entertainment was the fight inside ourselves when faced with a gut wrenching decision to kill someone who looks like a loved one. Entertainment was seeing how horror didn’t kill the desire to be human.

Entertainment was not watching a man grapple with whether or not to cut his own son’s arm off or watch seven people die. I find no joy in that. It crosses a line for me.

And maybe it’s just my line and my little judgment call and my little sense of what’s right and moral. But at least I have a line.

As I’ve watched all these seasons cross lines and break barriers and push further than any other series has, I could never help but wonder – when will it stop? What will the next crossed line be? Where will the go with the violence and the gore? When will enough be enough?

Fortunately for me, I won’t be around to see it.

Sorry, Kirkman. This Kentucky girl is done.


Copyright (c) Liz Carey 2016

3 thoughts on “Why I’ll NEVER Watch Walking Dead Again

  1. Hey, Liz!
    You know what? You’re damn right! I read your post while I was searching for others who will never watch Homeland/Gansa-Show again because of theawful finale and death of a very beloved character. And yes, I watched TWD, too – until last season last episode where someone died (I don’t know by…can imagine now) and I thought THAT should have been enough now, they should have got some luck again, some hope, something…not only this bullshit over and over again. If that’s how mankind would survive such *whatever* stuff to come – then I don’t wanna live anymore!
    I hoped for them to get better, hoped for some of them to get their reward for beingsi brave from fate…but just nothing!
    I’m donewith that show, too, now! As I read you’re post I decided that I don’twanna know anymore. It’s sick – and it makes sick to watch such stuff over and over again – with no hope or happiness or karma reward left..

    Reality is hard enough for someof us, well, fate is… Idon’t need to watch endless sad stuff again. Especially not from showrunners who are accidentally thinking, the more shock the better and the more people will watch again next season! NO, it’s not like that, not anymore! We fans need as much hope for the characters we love like we need it for our own lives!

    Homeland finale 6 was as awful to watch after what happened to


    in the last seasons – and we all hoped for a better ending, for aquarry-thing ora least a mental healing for Quinn after this change (for a good reason perhaps?). But there was nothing but more pain and finally death – and I’m done with those shows now. Andwith showrunners who have forgotten what storytelling really is about!
    And the end we all need some kind of growth, of moral healing, a change for the better or at least freedom and less pain… (like in real life). They’e forgotten the reason for stories – and what a goodstory is made of! Not one shock after another, not more thrill out of the next step without a break and an end. We needed fairy tales as childs – and we need the good over the bad, the hope, the fulfilled fate, the luck overcome the pains.
    Hopefully there are showrunners who have not forgotten this! Their shows Iwill watch!
    The ugliest things without anything – someone else can watch now, not me anymore. I’m human and no robot, I have a heart and idealism and I need hope – at least in SHOWS if not in life! 😉

    Thanks for reading,
    greets from Munich (I am a female German) and happy Easter! 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Norma – I started to think about how we all reacted when Shane pushed the guy into the oncoming mob of zombies in order to get away, and then how we all reacted when Noah died, and then how it was all so different when they started using the zombies as a weapon. There’s something a little disturbing in that.


  2. Thanks, Norma! All I can say is “Exactly!” And when the enemy becomes other people instead of the zombies, then… it’s not really a show about the walking dead anymore, is it? It’s a show about the scheming living… I can honestly tell you, I haven’t missed it. There are a lot more things to do than sit and watch TV on a Sunday night.
    Greetings to Munich from Anderson, SC and I hope you had a Happy Easter too.


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